Appeal for Educational Support

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Pandemic, Challenging times, education needs to continue for our children:

• Daughter of Domestic Helper – Aarti Dubale – Standard 8th
• Kid of Rikshaw Driver – Ajinkya Wahule – Standard Junior KG
• Son of Watchman – Aarav Gaikwad – Standard Senior KG
• Son of Car Driver – Aayush Mane – Standard 1st
• Daughter of Security Guard – Aditi Gawade – Standard Senior KG
• Son of Domestic Helper – Harsh Malore – Standard Senior KG
• Son of Vada Pav Seller – Kaivaly Rajput – Standard Senior KG
+ Many more such cases that’s coming to us from the School

we can’t let these children suffer, deprive them of their education just because their
parents are unable to pay the fees in trying times. We have decided to pay the fees
for such children to help them continue with their education (only such extreme

Please Note: Due to limited funds we are dealing only directly with the school and
not individual cases that come to us

List of Documents collected by Anjezë Charitable Trust from the School/Parents before confirming the fees:

1. Appeal letter from parent with complete description of why is the parent unable to pay the fees
2. Photocopy of Child’s Aadhar Card
3. Self attested photocopy of Father’s or Mother’s Aadhar Card
4. Passport size photograph of Child
5. Letter for fees from the school (case to case basis)
6. Bank details of the school
7. Marksheet of child
8. Fees Payment proof (post Anjezë Charitable Trust paying the fees)