Infrastructure Causes

From setting up remand homes to providing them basic infrastructure facilities.

Health and Hygiene

Providing timely treatment through Emergency funds to basic Hygiene Kits.

Nutrition Causes

Nutrition for patients suffering from various diseases to help build immunity.

General Support

All other causes which may be an one time event’s are covered under this category.


Service at Remand Homes

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anjezë strives to help the children staying in these remand homes, to get the basic standard of living, which includes food, clothing, shelter and most basic infrastructure, followed by health, hygiene, and education.

Donating an Equipment

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We require donors who are willing to donate equipments. The donor then can make a visit to the place of donation and authenticate the need and execute the cause.


Funds for Emergency Treatment

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Providing timely treatment through Emergency funds, helping cancer affected children to start medication without any delay. Pediatric Cancer if treated early, has a 70% chance of cure.

Palliative Care Program

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Palliative Care requires special visits by the doctors and care givers at their residences and palliative homes. Also patients and their families require counseling .

Supporting Women's Cancer

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One of the most commonest cancers in women is uterine cancer. (cancer of the cervix or ovary). The treatment for these cancers is surgery / radiation / chemotherapy. The approx cost is between 40,000-60,000 for the entire treatment.

Holistic Child Adoption

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There are many children who do not get any financial help for treatment from NGO’s or the Govt. due to lack of documentation. If they are not given timely help they can loose their chance at treatment and cure.

Bless My Day

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The idea of this program is to start the morning with distributing beautiful little gifts (a goodie bag).This small act of kindness spreads immense happiness and children forget their pain.

Platelets and Blood Support

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There is a dire need of blood/platelets for Cancer Patients/other life threatening diseases and many a times, non-availability of timely help can lead to death of patients. Blood/Platelets for Cancer Patients…

After Completion of Therapy Clinic Support

A child in order to be a Cancer survivor needs to be Cancer free for three years post completion of treatment. At the end of three years if the child is Cancer free, the child is registered in a clinic called “After Completion of Therapy Clinic”.

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Nutrition Support

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Through this cause Team ‘anjezë’ is ensuring as follows: 1. Proper nutrition for patients suffering with various disease and helping them build their immunity to fight the disease. 2. Nutrition for children at orphanage homes to ensure that the child receives a wholesome meal.


Celebrations of Birthday Special Day Events

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If you have a reason to celebrate your special days that should be the reason to celebrate these days with the ones who do not have equal opportunity. These events help you in experiencing the pleasure of giving.

Support for Reports

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80% of the patients coming to Tata Memorial Hospital are from the poor socio-economic strata and they have to be given detailed information for everything. For this the hospital needs constant support for manuals, flyer, information booklets etc.

Winter Kits

There are several under privileged people, who stay on the footpath and do not have three basic needs of life, which is Food/Clothing/Shelter. Deprived of basic necessities, yet, these people have to survive through the rains, the cold of the winters and the mosquitoes…

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