Every life is precious. Each has a right to dignity and equal opportunity. At ‘anjezë’ we try and focus on the well being of human life to ensure that we make a difference to the lives we have touched, it could well be a simple and small act of kindness to a large significant change.


We believe that service is the simplest thing to do. Our vision is to create channels of help, so that every person wanting to make a difference in the life of another, has the right mechanism in doing so.

It is a beautiful feeling, doing something for someone, from whom you have nothing to gain.

A simple act of caring creates an endless ripple If we achieve to do this our life would be worth lived. With mother being our guide and humanity our family, We, at anjezë strive to create this ripple effect


With each ray of sunrise we strive
To give a hope for cure to an ailing patient
To give shelter to a homeless person
To give infrastructure where the poor are treated
To give food where the children are hungry
To celebrate festivals where the joys are forgotten
To give counseling where the dying have lost hope
So that with each ray of sunset
The family of the sick has solace in their minds
The orphan rests without fear and insecurity
The underprivileged gets equal opportunity at cure
The children sleep without the feel of hunger
The poor celebrates all festivals with joy
The dying rests with peace in their hearts
The hands of the forgotten are held tight by the anjezëan


Click here to view all 13 causes that we currently have. Each of our cause has a video or an audio to save time of our viewers.