Cause of Nutrition Support: Ration Distribution

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As we know, Nutrition Support plays a critical role in maintaining optimal health. We live in a world where multiple families, living in extremely poor conditions, cannot afford basic nutrition and to add to their challenges, the current COVID pandemic has further deteriorated their condition. To be of real support to such families Team Anjezë distributes ration kits containing basic food grains and essentials.

Please Note: We don’t intend to encourage free food systems for families. We strictly follow certain criteria’s to shortlist families to provide ration kits with. The families we serve are those with single or disabled parents, those facing special challenges, old couples or widows, day labourers, or families with severe financial challenges who can’t make ends meet despite them working hard.

(We understand giving free food to regular hardworking families would make them dependent on a wrong practice, and we don’t wish to encourage the free meal system in any manner.)

How does Team Anjezë Plan to Distribute the Ration Kits?

(Please Note: Due to the pandemic, we will be following all COVID protocols to safeguard and protect not just the families but also those around and our team of volunteers.)

Step 1

Each ration kit contains basic food grains and essentials. The cost per kit would be ₹700. Our minimum commitment to each family would be for a year which means 1 Ration Kit per month per family for 12 months.

Step 2

The shortlisted families will be called at a particular location once a month to collect the ration kit.

Step 3

Anjezë Charitable Trust volunteers (Team Anjezë) will personally execute each step of the project including the distribution and hand over of the ration kits to the families.

Does Anjezë require support? How does one support this cause?

1. There is an ongoing need for this cause as there are several hundred families suffering from lack of basic nutrition.

2. Team Anjezë will have the ability to add families to serve if donations continue to flow in.

3. Minimum donation to be made: ₹700 x 12 months = ₹8400. This will enable Anjezë Charitable Trust to confirm ration supply of 12 kits to one family through the year, thereby making it a genuine meaningful commitment.